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Interview: Freeway

I was able to catch up with the homie, Freeway and talk about everything from RhymeSayers Ent. to his pilgrimage to Mecca, to his new album with Jake One, the Stimulus Package.

Essince: What’s good?

Freeway: What’s up? How are you?

Essince: I’m good, man. First of all, I heard some new stuff off the Stimulus Package with Jake One and I’m really excited, man. It sounds dope.

Freeway: Thanks a lot, man. I appreciate that, man.

Essince: What can you tell me about this project? What can we expect when we hear it?

Freeway: Ah, man. You should just expect hip hop, you know? In it’s purest essence, that’s what it is. Hip hop, man. Me and Jake came together with that one goal and that’s to bring good hip hop to the forefront.

Essince: How did you two meet? How did you decide to work with Jake One on this?

Freeway: Well, actually I got some tracks from him for the “Free at Last” album. He did a track on “Free at Last” called “It’s Over” and I did a couple tracks on his album, “White Van Music” and the chemistry was there, you know? And then after that he just kept sending me beats, you know? And I was working and knocking songs out and I was a free agent at the time, too so we came up with the idea of doing an album together on RhymeSayers Entertainment.

Essince: How did RhymeSayers come about? I’ve been a big RhymeSayers fan for years and I think it’s great that you’re with them. I think it’s a good fit but how did that come about?

To check the rest of the interview and for a free DL off the new album go to the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Blog

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