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DL: Fallout - Elektromagnets vol. 2

I've been working with Fallout (of the group, Illphonics) going on 5 years now and I have nothing but respect for the man.

That's my brother from another mother...and father...and background.

But brother nonetheless.

Anyway, he just released his new project, Elektromagnets and I had to pass it on to you.

Be on the lookout for Fallout and Illphonics to take over a city near you. Dope live instruments and a live show, they've opened for the best and continue to put out dope music.

Download Fallout's Elektromagnets vol. 2 here

- Essince


Medicom BearBrick

I realized I hadn't done a toy feature yet so I did looking and wanted to do a feature on BearBricks from Medicom.

Photos courtesy of High Snobiety

Headquarter x Seher x Medicom Bearbrick Set

Medicom Toy x T19 400% Bearbrick

Medicom x Mega Man Bearbrick Sets – Rockman and Blues

Medicom x colette 1000% Bearbrick

Tomakazu Matsuyama x Medicom Bearbrick Set

to see more check the Medicom website at


Fashion: Pee & Poo Hoodie & “JAPANESE” Backpack

I booked a show in Osaka in August so I'm going to Japan this summer for some business/pleasure so since Facebook ads are according to my posts and info Tokyo popped up in the sidebar.

What the heck? I'll check it out.

I did.

I wanted to post something which caught my eye.

Pee & Poo Hoodie & “JAPANESE” Backpack in Tokyo.

"His hoodie features an all-over print of the cute WC characters called “PEE & POO”. He’s also wearing a WC backpack with the word “JAPANESE” in large print, drop crotch (sarueru) pants, leggings or tall socks, CocoLulu sneakers, and a knit beanie. His PEE & POO hoodie is a really popular item from WC (it’s sold out on their website) and we’ve seen it around Shibuya and Harajuku a lot – being worn by both guys and girls." -

Here are the pics from their post. For more info and pictures check out their site and comment. Tell them Essince sent ya.


- Essince


Hip Hop In: Hong Kong

Since it's creation in the 1970s in New York, hiphop music and culture has proven to not only NOT be a fad but has spread all over the world.

For part two of this series I'd like to showcase Hong Kong with a 4 part documentary on Hip Hop in Hong Kong.

To see part one, Hip Hop in Cambodia click here

Here's the documentary. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Essince - Grand Entrance (live)


Essince - Believers (live)

Video taken at Kent State University in Kent, OH during a stop on the "We Got Flow" tour late march 2010.

This is a shot of me performing "Believers".

Shout out to Cy Harp for adding me to the show, DJ Ruckkus, and also to the homie, D-Town of DaKreek.


- Essince

Essince - Believers (live) from Essince on Vimeo.


In Honor of Japan

I, Essince, will be in Japan this summer and in honor of that I wanted to post this remix I did of Ketsumeishi's hit, Naze Utau.

Enjoy, y'all

Dom Kennedy - Paying Dues


Hip Hop In: Cambodia

I'm going to start a new feature today called "Hip Hop In..."

Since it's creation in the 1970s in New York, hiphop music and culture has proven to not only NOT be a fad but has spread all over the world.

Today, to begin this feature I'm going to post a documentary about hip hop in Cambodia that I found on


- Royal Heir Entertainment