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K. Vincent

Uptown Chicago, a vivacious area in a major, metropolitan city, yet often overlooked in the music industry. Hustlers, killers, and people on the 9 to 5 grind all struggling for a bigger piece of the pie. Welcome to the world of K. Vincent. Brilliantly spinning tales of firsthand knowledge of the street life in a way that can be embraced by everyone from students to street hustlers, K. Vincent breathes a breath of fresh air and honesty back into the Midwestern hiphop scene.

I've had the pleasure of working with K. Vincent off an on the past year and actually was able to record a few of his songs off his forthcoming/debut album, "First. Last. and Only"...I can't help but support what the kid is doing. He's incredible and has successfully found the balance of appreciating the old school and while attending the new.

Get hip to him now or prepare to play catch up.

- Essince

Download K. Vincent - Ain't A Thang Change

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