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Mack P - Art of Ghetto (CPT)

I JUST got an email from a dude I met in Hollywood a few years ago named Rocky Raccoon and he's produced a new project from a dude named, Mack P from Compton.

I hadn't talked to Rocky in years so I was surprised to get the email and that he still had my contact but I peeped it anyway.

I'm really glad I did, though because Mack is nice

Born and raised in Compton, CA but in the past 5 years was in TX, NY, and San Jose and influenced by soul music, Mack P is part of a growing movement by Rocky called "Art of Ghetto". I'm really looking forward to hearing more from Mack in the future. Rocky, too.

Check it out and remember the name.

Mack-P on Myspace
Rocky Raccoon on Myspace

- Essince

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