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Pistol Etiquette Fall 2010

"September 28, 2010 marks a new chapter in the arrival of Pistol Etiquette as we introduce our unique brand aesthetic and mantras with the highly anticipated releases of our Fall 2010." - PE.

The Pistol Etiquette Fall line consists of two tees and a red fleece crew neck which reads ‘J’aime Mon Etiquette Pistolet’ [French: I Like My Pistol Etiquette).

"The ‘Out Slut You’ tee, pays homage to the late Rue McClanahan, better known for her iconoclastic role as the cheeky and confident Blanche on Golden Girls."

Check out the official Pistol Etiquette website

Tomboys Do IT Better from Pistol Etiquette on Vimeo.

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