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Hip Hop In: JAPAN

I was going through one of the hiphop magazines I bought in Japan and decided to check out some of the MCs' websites. I found a video I kinda like. A dude named Young Hastle did the V mix (not the remix, the v-mix) for one of my favorite articles of clothing, the V-Neck.

I'm glad someone finally appreciates this timeless piece of apparel. My grandpa [RIP} was a stylish man and I always remember him rocking some Perry Ellis and Ralph Lauren V necks.

Anyway this track features some other Japanese rappers: Y's, Ohli-Day, Yuki, Jaysman, and some other dude whose name is cut off on the Youtube title. lol. (gomen [sorry]).

Enjoy how rap has spread world wide. 

- Essince

Y's verse (verse 2)
Wow! I'm a YELLOW
この街のブーム作り出す HELLO
anvil,Hanes,PC(PRO CLUBの略),POLO
NICEなPUSS* 勢いブッチ
流行なんてのは結局BULL SHI*
みんなお気にのV-NECK TEE
なら新品じゃなけりゃNO SEXY
何が良い?とかどうでも良い ただ
俺ならやっぱ下げるダイヤ Holla!!!

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