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Chiney Marie

Wow. I got to interview TWO blasian beauties this week? (What's up, Nikki?). It must be my birthday.

But anyway, I was able to speak with the lovely, Miss Chiney Marie and girl has a lot going on. You can interpret that how you will. They're all true.

Measurements: 34-24-36
Height: 5'3''
Bust: 34
Cup: B
Weight: 120
Shoe: 7
Dress: 4

Essince: First off, Chiney I wanted to say thanks for taking your time out to do this interview with me.

Chiney Marie: I'm very honoured and pleased to be interviewed so thank you for the opportunity!

Essince: Second, I'm digging your name. I assumed it meant you had some Asian in you. My homegirl is Jamaican and I've heard the term before.

Chiney Marie: Thank you in regards to my name! Many people always ask where that name came from, what it means, etc. You are correct it is of Jamaican inheritance.  Basically it means you are of Asian and Jamaican decent. Which is me all the way. :)

Essince: I assume someone as beautiful as you had a lot of guys use "Do you model?" as a pick up line. What made you want to get into modeling?

Chiney Marie: Yes, I do get that quite often and I would think that my portfolio would speak for itself, but then again there are those out here who love to take photos for fun so it's understandable. That never works as a pickup line for me though!  ;) ***[Editor’s note: I need some new lines ASAP]

I started modeling due to an industry friend, who is a prestigious rap artist, encouraging me to do so.  I've always wanted to and I had attended modeling conventions but never really pursued it.  I started doing shoots, did a commercial,  some things in NYC and loved it. I always considered it a hobby seeing as I had priorities such as school, work, etc. As of recently I've gotten my feet completely soaked in this industry and am still able to manage all those things plus family. The opportunities have presented themselves more often so of course I'm going to take them!  ;)

Essince: What are some of your goals with modeling?

Chiney Marie: One of my many goals of modeling and the most important one for me is to be able to assist those interested or aspiring to be in this industry.  If I have the knowledge I share it with others.  One thing that myself and my partner Adam Sweet are working on is providing models, artists, etc with services to boost their presence in the industry.  I want to eventually move from in front of the camera to behind.

Ess: What are some of your goals in general? Life goals.

CM: My life goals....I am a humanitarian at heart. I love helping, giving, caring, etc.  If I have it to give, I do.  One thing I know I can give is my time and I love to volunteer.  I don't get to volunteer as often so one of my life goals is to do that more often, to help where needed..either in the States or in a Third World Country

Ess: Is it true you speak American Sign Language? I used to sign when I was a kid. I lost a lot of it but I can still do the basics.

CM: Wow you did your research! Yes I do know American Sign Language...I took the language for about 6 years.  I was a little nerd...I was the one doing theatre, creative writing, violin for 6 years lol.  I still know the language to this day. It's a great benefit to have!

Ess: I know this makes me seem like an ignorant American but I tried to use some sign language to some mute kids in Thailand I did some work with....they had no idea what I signed. lol. I learned some Thai sign, though.

CM: LOL! No you don't sound ignorant. .you're too funny.  They probably had no idea what you were saying  because you didn't know what you were saying (lol joking with you) . Honestly,  there are different languages of Sign Language so like you said they probably know only Thai Sign.  :)

Ess: That makes sense….considering it’s called AMERICAN Sign Language. Haha. Just from our conversations you seem like a pretty intelligent, how important is education to you?

CM: Aww thank you! Education is key and should be key to everyone! It helps you in presentation of self, in the business, in the industry, in everyday living!  A lot of people judge my outer appearance - not measuring my intelligence up to my beauty UNTIL they speak with me.  So I always get the wow I didn't know you were so intelligent spiel lol...it's cool though as long as they recognize it!  ;)

Essince: What can we expect from Chiney Marie in 2011? I know you have a secret singing talent, too?

Chiney Marie: One thing I can say for certain...expect to see MORE of me...if you hated it before it's only going to be more of it so just embrace it!  2011 was looking good from the end of 2010 for me..I can't lead you on to much..that gives room for people to ruin your plans but just keep a look out!  ;)

Ahhh yea a secret singing talent...now it's not so secret, eh? lol...well when I get over this little shyness of singing and get the time to get back in the studio..music will be made! I'm doing it all. ;)

Essince: Any finals shout outs? Where can people find you online?

Chiney Marie: Yes, special shout outs and recognition to my business partner Adam T. Sweet and the rest of my amazing team.  It's such a blessing to be able to meet people with talents and the same hunger and ambition as you and be able to successfully bring together a team of people to create something great! 
Look and connect with me online at:

Thank you so much for a great opportunity to interview with you! I'm deeply humbled and appreciative! Love Live Life darlings! xxoo

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