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Malcolm & Martin


I received an email the other day about the debut album of a group called, Malcolm and Martin. With a name like that you don't have much wiggle room to not be dope. Well, this DJ Revolution backed duo does not disappoint. Their debut LP, "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" will be releaed 2/1/11 on SoulSpazm records.

I was able to hear the project and let me tell you, it's fire. I'll give you a few quick comments from well knowns then let you decide for yourselves.

"Original and respectful beats and rhymes for the culture of Hip-Hop...Its dope they named the group after two of our most fearless leaders." - DJ Premier, DJ/Producer/Gang Starr

"These kids are FIRE!  Hip Hop is alive and well. I'm co-signin' 'em." - Masta Ace

"Malcolm and Martin represents the sound of Hip-Hop you came up loving and listening to. Relevant today with the throwback vibe. DOPE! - Dawaun Parker, Grammy Award winning producer for Aftermath Music

"This sh*t has Quality written all over it. Two of the Illest Cali Emcees who feed off each other with every line. Backed by The Sharpest Muthaf*#ka I know...DJ Revolution" - Evidence, Producer/Artist

Check out the first single, “Movement Music” (produced by Marco Polo) from DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm and Martin "Life Doesn't Frighten Me’. (download here).

Malcolm & Martin.com

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