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Ethnicity: Black, Filipino, and Puerto Rican
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 32-27-35
Shoe: 7

ESSINCE: Hey, what's up, Nikki? Thanks for doing this interview with me.
Tell me a little about this contest you're in for OYE Magazine.

Nikki: It's a competition for the cover. 32 models from all over the US were chosen to be in issue 51. Of those 32 models, whoever has the most online votes wins the competition and is featured on the cover of issue 52. 

ESSINCE: How long've you been modeling?

Nikki: I've been modelling off and on since I was I a kid.

ESSINCE: Aside from both of us having some Latin blood in us, we also share the lovely city of St. Louis. Tell me, food-wise, what is your favorite thing from STL you can't get anywhere else? I'm going with Toasted Ravioli.

Nikki: Sub Zero Vodka and Sushi Bar in the Central West End has the best humus I've ever EVER had. Hands Down. 

ESSINCE: I feel like I have to ask you the traditional model interview question of your turn-ons/offs. (I'm taking good notes).

Nikki: LMAO! Uggggh Can't I just use my same answers as the other interview?! Weeeeelll... Turn-ons...on a man right? lol physically, I love strong arms and a sexy back....oh! and sexy calves too....outside of the physical, I love a man that has an interest in different kinds of music. I'm an eclectic being. So I need a man who's the same, especially when it comes to music. I'm a little bit of an enthusiast :)

Turn-offs....wow...where do I begin...huge ego's...cheesy pick-up lines...small dicks...myopic views on life.....short attention spans....chauvinism (please don't call me sweetie or darling)...poor hygiene...boring conversations...octopus hands...kissing and telling...i seriously can go on for hours

ESSINCE: What would be a dream career for you? I know you mentioned something about fashion to me before.

Nikki: dream career? hmmmm...well i would loooove to be a fashion buyer for let's say neiman marcus....or saks 

ESSINCE: Any final shout-outs or phone numbers you wanna give me?

Nikki: ummmmm shout out to my brother....coolest kid that i know...as far as phone numbers, i'll keep those to myself... I don't have a death wish lol



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