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D. Rick "This is It" ft Off Rip Ro Spit

I'm a fan of Detroit. I even thought of going to college there and visited CCS. Since Motown hit the music scene Detroit put out some of the best music (of many genres).

D. Rick drops an ill track and video (with a nice list of MI hiphop cameos). I'll use the description I was given about D. Rick. Watch the video above. Listen and download below.

"D-Rick's voice alone could cast a shadow over the Empire State Building. D-Rick is a rare commodity in the state of Michigan. Among putting his stamp in the Detroit music scene, he is also hands on with the cities youth, trying to mold Detroit's youth that are given a second chance and guide them to the lives that they dream of. You can often catch D-Rick giving out newly released sneakers to those that are less fortunate and cannot afford to get the things that other are blessed with. The track and video "This Is It" captures all of these things that D-Rick does in it's essence in a documentary-like video which features two other up and coming Michigan artists Off-Rip and Ro Spit who is fresh off a great stint in SXSW. This trio has put together a track that has had the cities ears buzzing since it's release on March 28th. the video displays the power of a voice if you choose to speak and shows the grind that is instilled in D-Rick."


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