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Realm Reality "The Invisible Man"

Realm Reality does it again by teaming up with the illustrious DJ G-Spot to drop the second installment of the duo's mixtapes. This time with 'The Invisible Man".

"Here it is! I really hope everyone enjoys this. I called it the invisible man because of my frustration trying to get my music career going for at least 7 years and feeling ignored by the industry. So I felt invisible to them (music industry). Thank you for your support and love. Leave a comment. tell a friend to tell a friend. Peace and Blessings!" - Rick Gonzalez aka Realm Reality

I've watched a ton of dude's movies and he appeared in my favorite cop show, Law & Order SVU and now I'm a fan of his music. You need to be, too.

Check the first video and download the last mixtape here.

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