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Top 10 Dunkers! (class of 2011)

S/O to the homie, DJ Soco for posting this on facebook for me to see....this is nuts. And big shout out to Anno Domini for making the background music. I've been down with their production for YEEARRsss. One of my favorite producers.

Also...makes me feel kinda like a loser for being 6'6" and not being able to dunk like these kids who are younger than me. Whatever. It's still dope. lol

Jahii Carson, Deuce Bello, Nick Johnson, Ben McLemore, 
LeBryan Nash, Sam Thompson, Dominique Pointer, Ike Nwamu, 
Dezmine Wells, Amir Garrett, Bishop Daniels, Jacob Lawson, 
and Shaquille Thomas.

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