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UK: Kay-D

Kay D aka Kay Diamond is a young artist, dancer/choreographer based in London

When I said Kay D is young I mean young....the kid is only 17 (yep...17. So he's still in school and currently studying Dance at the Brit School of Performing Arts).

Don't let his age fool you, check this quick resume of video appearances and choreography work:

Envy - Music Video (Normal)
Tinie Tempah – Live Show in Camden (Choreographer)
RD – Music Video (Do it Like Me) and (Alright Still) and (hustle) .
Giggs – Music Video (Look what the cat dragged in).

He's now under our family, P-King PR & Management in London so I know this kid will go far.

Check a quick flow and a little of his moves here.

for bookings @SinaGharib & @PKingPromotions

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