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Interview: Micho (female MC, Japan)

There's a really nice hiphop movement in Japan and one of the new artists to watch is a female MC from Tokyo named Micho.

She just dropped her new mixtape, "Urami Bushi" and co-starred in the video/song "Tokyo Headz" with Big Zam, Jiro, and Dabo.

Big shout out to the homie, DJ Joe Iron for the translation. To read the original Japanese interview we did on Beats n Miso click here.

Essince: Thanks for your time, Micho-san. How are you?
Micho: I`m doing very well. Thank you!

Essince: How long have you been making music?
Micho: I first started out making R&B songs in 2003. My first aspiration was to be an R&B singer. As far as rapping, I first started to rap about 3 years ago.

Essince: Tell me a little about your newest release "Urami Bushi". How are the fans responding?
Micho: "Urami Bushi" is my debut mixtape which was recorded over a period of 1 year. The response has been great. I get so many messages on twitter from people I have never met. It is very humbling.

Essince: What is the hiphop scene like now in Tokyo?
Micho: Lately, the Tokyo Hip-Hop scene has been growing bigger and bigger. The young rappers that are coming out these days are very talented and hungry. I am really looking forward to seeing the scene grow even bigger in the next few years.

Essince: It's difficult for a woman to be in the hiphop business in the United States. What is it like in Japan?
Micho: Well, of course It is difficult to be a female in the Hip-Hop business. At first, it was hard to get taken seriously because I am a girl. But, being in the position that I am in now, being a female is helping me get noticed faster. I`m sure it is the same in America.

Essince: Who is someone you'd like to work with? (Japan and in another country).
Micho: In Japan, I really would like to someday work with the singer AI. I have always been a fan of hers and she has such a powerful voice. It would really be an honor to work with her.

As far as international artist, I would probably have to say Nicki Minaj. I listened to first and second mixtapes so many times, and I really like her flow.

Essince: Where can we find you online?

Twitter @MICHOmic

Essince: Any final shout outs?
Micho: I would like to thank my "Urami Bushi" production team: producer Joe Iron, DJ Agetetsu, DJ Ziko and MC Jiro. I would also really like to thank all my fans around the world for their support!

Download Micho's "Urami Bushi" mixtape HERE.

Check Micho alongside Big Zam, Dabo, and Jiro in the DJ Joe Iron produced "Tokyo Headz"

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