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Don't Rush Your Product (blog)

I haven't really fully expressed my thoughts in a post on here in a long time and after having a lot of intelligent discussions about the music business (most recently a debate over charging for music with CultureVI which can be found here), I decided to say something here.

There's no need to rush putting music out. There's such an oversaturation anyway. It worked for Wayne...and no one else.

I understand the fear of missing your chance or feeling you'll be forgotten. But would it be better for people to say "yo, what happened to Essince? His last album was amazing and I never heard from him since?" or for people to say "Yo, Essince fell off. He put out 4 mixtapes in half a year and it sounds like he got lazy and mixed it with earbuds"?

There's a reason Dre only releases albums after a long time...he takes his time and makes classics!
There's a reason Chris Tucker didn't do any movies between Rush Hour 2 and 3. That was so he didn't soil his brand by making something crappy and could negotiate a higher rate for the sequel because his last project was a hit.

Take your time and put your money and effort into something you can be proud of.
Spell check your CD covers. Check the sound quality. 

This should all be common sense, right?

That's all. Enjoy your days. lol. Just needed to get that out.

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