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Terror Squad ft Big Pun - Whatcha Gonna Do

Someone posted the question online about top 5 rap groups ever and I didn't name TS but the first terror squad album (the selt-titled one with Pun [r.i.p.]) is, was, will be fire.

The chemistry between those guys on the mic is incredible and TS had some of the most talented lyricists I know.

It's no secret that the late great Big Moon Dog aka Big Punisher is my favorite and with lines like in this first video, Whatcha Gon' Do" it's no wonder why...

It's hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain
of being the largest name in rap since the almighty Kane
Acknowledge the fame, my college terrain was the rugged streets Harlem to Queens
Back to the Bronx who fathered the dream
Started this thing called rap, where I reign supreme, my team
Regardless of that, I've seen things as far as the crack
that'll make the hardest largest artist heart just collapse
I'm part of all that that's why it's so hard to go back and start from scratch
I'm locked and I'm trapped, in a giant cage
Tryin to savor these few dyin days
I have left, to the form of flesh; should I lie in my grave?
I'm tryin to persuade, my motto is try to be brave
and not give death the satisfaction of seein me dyin afraid
That why I rise from the grave singin church songs like
I was Je-sus Christ pa-rum-pum-pum-pum

WOW! Where is that in hiphop now? Combine those lyrics with sexy girls and funny 2-on-2 game of Fat Joe and Cuban Link vs Stephon Marbury and Kenny Anderson and you have an interesting combination for a video. lol

And for no reason at all other than I like it, here's "Bet Ya Man Can't" by Terror Squad off Fat Joe's Don Cartegna album.

Bet Ya Man Can't (triz)

R.I.P. Big Pun!

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