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Iron Solomon "Redrum Radio"

Complete with appearances from Cassidy and DMC, NY MC/battle vet, Iron Solomon releases his new project just in time for Halloween (with that bloody-ass cover. lol).

Iron Solomon is certainly one of, if not the best battle MC I've ever seen. Though with this tape hopefully you'll see that he can do more than embarrass MCs in cyphers.

Download his mixtape here and scroll down to see some of my favorite battles of his so you can understand why I'm a believer.

Watch him Sh!t on E. Ness of Bad Boy's Makin Da Band fame.

Iron Solomon vs Madness (another one of my favorite MCs)

Iron Solomon vs Flamez


Gilbere Forte "Some Dreams Never Sleep"

This song for this video isn't on the mixtape below but whatever. If you haven't heard dude (particularly his remix for 'Black Chukkas" with Asher Roth and Bun B) you will now. Guy's pretty fresh and has been making some serious moves.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

Asher Roth x Chuck Inglish "In The Kitchen" MV

Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish - In The Kitchen from on Vimeo.

Always been a fan of Asher. Dude can spit. "In the Kitchen" was actually filmed in a kitchen...kinda makes me hungry. I'm gonna go eat something. Watch and let me know what you think. I'll check comments when I come back.


"The Player" Crewneck

  • If you live in a place where fall and winter actually feel like fall and winter, you'll need to stock up on crewnecks, like this one by Diamond Supply Co.

  • Made In Honduras [just like me] this navy blue 80%/20% Cotton/Polyester crewneck is a great add to your wardrobe. 

Check this crewneck and more with the good folks at Cranium

DJ Tony B "Bangkok Boogie 2"

[in case you can't figure it out press the green play button in the center of the record]

I got to kick it with Dj Tony B when I was back in BKK about a week or so ago. Granted it wasn't for very long and the club was loud as sh!t but we chopped it up regardless. lol

BUT I've been featuring his mixes on various sites throughout the year and he's NICE. I really love this party mix he made for the 2nd installment of "Bangkok Boogie". Don't let the opening 30 seconds throw you off [lol, you'll see] this is HOT.


Dom Kennedy "When I Come Around" MV

Dom Kennedy is pretty much my favorite MC right now. of 'em at least. I've always been a fan of the laid back west coast sound and Dom embodies it.

Also, the car in the video is jammin.

Check his newest release "From the Westside With Love 2" here.

Don't forget to check "The Original Dom Kennedy" or my exclusive interview with Dom here.

M.O.P. x The Snowgoons "Get Yours"

M.O.P. & The Snowgoons "Get Yours" (Sparta In Stores 11.22.11) by Babygrande Records

NY hiphop legends, M.O.P. team up with German producers, The Snowgoons for their first single from their collabo album, "Sparta" (in stores November 22nd on Babygrande Records). Whatchall think?

Cop the single on iTunes now:


Kojoe "ii good"

I heard Kojoe's music about a year ago and have been checking his work since. When I was in Tokyo a few weeks ago I caught up with him during a photoshoot for the Source (hopefully in the next issue).

Check new track from the bilingual MC, @IAmKojoe "ii Good" below. Shout out to Kojoe, Ish-One, Ohga, & Daisha.

Go behind the scenes with Kojoe for his track "Samurydas" with Raekwon and Kurupt here.

(After the photo shoot with the Source. Tokyo.)


LA Clique

I first heard about LA Clique clothing awhile ago and I really love what they're doing. The founders began their careers as DJs and promoters so who better to introduce the LA lifestyle to the world?

Check this BTS video of their la|clique script tank shoot and a few of their pieces then head over to their Store. Don't forget to enter discount code "ESSINCE".


Brooklyn Shanti "Brooklyn Circa 2012"

My homie, Travellin' Matt from QBar in Bangkok, Thailand just put me on to a guy named Brooklyn Shanti after I mentioned something on twitter about another international trip I was thinking to do. Dude is pretty nice. I really like his sound. He definitely has a New York vibe [hence the "Brooklyn" I assume] but he has a very diverse, unique sound (I can hear an Afrika Bambaataa vibe). I heard a new track he did and went back to check his "Brooklyn Circa 2012" mixtape and wanted to share it with you. I'm vibin' on this. Seriously.

Get @brooklynshanti and let him know what you think


Mac Miller "Blue Slide Park"

YO, I apologize for the delay again. If you've been keeping up with the news in Bangkok about the floods that's where I am right now. It's relatively dry (well...flood-wise. It's the rainy season here) but it's starting to get crazy and floods are expected to hit here pretty soon).

I'm temporarily stuck inside so I have time to put up some music. Enter Mac Miller. I've been a fan of dude for the past...idk...whenever he put out "KIDS" so I'm def. jammin' this new track.

I'm trying a new player so let me know if it works. It's supposed to work well on mobile devices, though the old player works there, too.

Pre-order Mac's Nov. 8th release here.



BET Cypher (2011)

This is what I love about the internet. I'm in Bangkok right now and can watch the BET Cypers ALMOST when y'all back in the states can. BET really diversified their roster this year ranging from the usual suspects (Shady, Busta, etc) but added OH's hometown hero, Machine Gun Kelly, and also added blind rappers, female rappers, white rappers, Christian rappers, southern rappers, west coast rappers, and more which I think is AWESOME. I know I just put everyone in a category but by adding diversity I think it helps break down the barriers.

I was gonna post 'em all but I don't feel like it anymore after watching the Shady 2.0 one with Eminem, Yelawolf, and Slaughterhouse. Shout out to DJ Premier.

Check the rest* HERE.

[MMG: Wale, Pill, Stalley, Meek Mill & Rick Ross]
[Chris Brown x Michael Corleone x Kevin McCall x Tyga]
[Reek Da Villain x Teta Chico x Busta Rhymes x Ludacris]
[Soprano x Lecrae x Nitty Scott, MC x Estelle]
[Lady Of Rage x Blind Fury x Dom Kennedy x Skillz]
[Big K.R.I.T. x Tech N9ne x Machine Gun Kelly x Kendrick Lamar x B.o.B]

Tokyo Graffiti

(Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been on somewhat of a sabbatical/vacation/soul searching which took me back east to Japan and then to Bangkok, Thailand where I'm currently writing this.

(Side note, the flood news is crazy here. They're building dams pretty close to where I'm staying and the prime minister ordered 7 canals be dug)

But when I was in Japan I found some incredibly beautiful graffiti and street art I had to share. All these pictures were taken by me.

(Shimokitazawa, Japan)

(Shimokitazawa, Japan)

 (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)
 (Yoyogi Park [near the stage and basketball courts, Tokyo, Japan)

(Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)


New Skee-Lo Video.

I've been a fan of Skee-lo for years. His 1995 song "I Wish" is classic and the album (same title) is one of my favorites.

I interviewed him 2 years ago and heard some new material and was pretty excited for a comeback. He is one who I feel has honestly mastered different delivery styles which makes for a very versatile MC. I just saw on twitter he'd released a new video for the Killer Holiday soundtrack so I of course watched it. It's called Burnin' Up featuring someone named Akapello.

Obviously 1995 and 2011 are different eras of music style and video technology and evolution is necessary for sustainability in the entertainment industry (think Beatles, Kanye West, etc).

His delivery is great but something It's just not what I expect when I hear Skee-Lo, you know? It seems a little forced/generic as far as the video but it does have some little interjections of his sense of humor and style. But let me know what you think.

Now compare that with his video for "I Wish"

I Wish Skee lo 投稿者 oublierleracismeskyblog

New styles

Check my interview with Skee-lo here.


Jarren Benton "Skitvo" MV

This dude comes from greater-ATL...and he's nuts. You might even say "Skitzo".

Regardless, dude can spit and this video is beyond crazy (you might even say 'skitzo').

According to his bio in my email he "has performed at the BMI Showcase, Southeastern Music Conference, Atlantis Music Festival, A3C Hip-Hop Festival and has opened for artists from KRS-ONE to Lil’ Wayne. Jarren has also collaborated on records with Erick Sermon, Bubba Sparxxx, Don Cannon, as well as up-and-comers, Laws and Aleon Craft."

This track is off the A3C compilation which you can pre-order here. The track list is ridiculous. Seriously. Click the link just to look at the tracks.