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Short Dawg "The Adventures Of Drankenstein"

I don't know much about Short Dawg except when I heard people say his name I thought they meant Too $hort for awhile. lol. His style reminds me of like...if Bun B had a baby and he let Mac Miller babysit him, that's how he'd rap...lol (Idk how else to describe it...you'll see what I mean).

Decided to check his new mixtape and this dude is jammin'! I don't know what his priority level is at Young Money (my guess is low seeing as who runs it, who's on it, and who's bringing in $ right now) but this dude is pretty nice. He has some pretty heavy features on his album, too (lil Keke, Z-Ro, etc...dope).

I hope he gets the push I think he deserves or he gets away from YM and does something.

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