LA Clique x Lil Debbie

My CA fam, LA Clique finally dropped their collab with Lil Debbie in the form of a pretty ill pullover. 
They have this to say of the release on their website:

"The highly anticipated collab has finally dropped, and believe us when we say it has been a dope experience for all of us, check out the first of many collabs between our girl Lil Debbie & ourselves at L.A Clique Clothing Co...We are fully stocked on women sizes small - large".

I usually don't feature women's fashion (mostly because I'm a guy and I don't care) but this is pretty fresh. And I know some of y'all have a lady friend who you'd like to keep looking good, right?

Big up to LA Clique and respect to Lil Debbie. This is fresh.


  1. It looks pretty sexy to me. LA Clique takes on a unique approach to urban fashion. Thanks for making a women's feature on your blog.

    Australian designers

    1. Sorry for the super late reply, Sarah. Glad you like it! Just because it doesn't fit me doesn't mean I don't appreciate the design. haha

      I'm checking your site out now. I like it!