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LA Clique x Lil Debbie

My CA fam, LA Clique finally dropped their collab with Lil Debbie in the form of a pretty ill pullover. 
They have this to say of the release on their website:

"The highly anticipated collab has finally dropped, and believe us when we say it has been a dope experience for all of us, check out the first of many collabs between our girl Lil Debbie & ourselves at L.A Clique Clothing Co...We are fully stocked on women sizes small - large".

I usually don't feature women's fashion (mostly because I'm a guy and I don't care) but this is pretty fresh. And I know some of y'all have a lady friend who you'd like to keep looking good, right?

Big up to LA Clique and respect to Lil Debbie. This is fresh.

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  1. It looks pretty sexy to me. LA Clique takes on a unique approach to urban fashion. Thanks for making a women's feature on your blog.

    Australian designers

    1. Sorry for the super late reply, Sarah. Glad you like it! Just because it doesn't fit me doesn't mean I don't appreciate the design. haha

      I'm checking your site out now. I like it!