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"Tell Ya Friends" about Chip tha Ripper

I've been a Chip fan for years. I actually did a few shows with him in Cleveland, too back in the day. I have all the mixtapes but he lost me with that 'gift raps' project as he did a lot of his core fanbase who accused him of sounding too much like Cudi. I miss that Chip that the streets love which is why I'm glad he went back to that with some of the songs on "Tell Ya Friends".

*I recommend track 11. "Boomshakalaka" with Bun B is the sh!t. (honestly, I listened to it last night while playing NBA Jam TE on my Genesis. True Story)

Glad to have you back, Chip. No disrespect to Chuck Inglish for last project's production but it doesn't fit for me.

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