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Thaitanium "Thank you for loving me" MV

Want to see what a true supportive fanbase looks like???

For those who know/care, I went to school in Thailand for like...1/2 a year junior year of college and go back to Bangkok like once a year.

Thaitanium is the biggest hiphop group in all of southeast Asia (seriously...people were taking pictures of ME when we were all having dinner just because I was with them. lol).

I was actually supposed to be at this show but there was a big flood when I was there in October so they had to reschedule.

This is what I missed (dammit).

The song is "Thank You For Loving Me" featuring Da Endorphone (ดา เอนโดรฟิน)

(Shout out to Thaitay, Bangkok Invaders, Southside, Jay Calo, Thaikoon, Corpus, and Coga).

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