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US vs UK

I have a lot of people I'm working with in England. And I'm a big battle rap fan and some of my favorite battles are when you have 2 people from different backgrounds going head to head. I decided to post my favorite US vs UK battles...the ones the US won were blatant murders but sh!t if Eurgh isn't one of my favorite battle rappers of all time.

True story, in like 2005 PumpkinHead (PH) tried to hit me up on myspace for $500 for a verse (or $800 if I wanted it on my album not a mixtape)....glad I never bit. lol I'll post his battle with Eurgh first.

PH (NY) vs Eurgh (UK)

Madness (FL/CA) vs Kulez (UK)

Iron Solomon (NY) vs Mic Assassin (UK) [2005]

Cruger vs Illusion Z, Eurgh vs The Saurus, and Professor Green vs Jin are honorable mentions.

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