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Everyone Loves a Hot Karl

I was a big fan of the rapper Hot Karl years ago. He was signed to Interscope and I believe he's a hidden character in a video game and was rated next up by Playboy...then he was dropped.

He had a [stream-only] mixtape of his best Interscope songs called "I Like to Read" which I used my audio engineering degree to snatch offline (though the internet was slow and it buffered a few times [*angry]).

After that he put out a CD independently, which I bought, retired from rapping [professionally], has a dope podcast and owns a few art galleries in CA (I went to it a few months ago. It's dope).

I'll let someone else tell the story better than I could.

Shout out to Hot Karl [@JensenClan88] for rocking a Cleveland Indian's hat.

I tweeted him asking him to sign my Hot Karl CD while I was in LA...he didn't respond. If you see this Jensen, it wasn't a joke. I'm a fan. I want an autograph. I'll be back in LA end of the month til Easter. What's up?

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