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Copywrite "Workahol" MV

Copy has Been doing his thing for a minute and along with the recent success of of his new album "God Save the King" he's been traveling (this video was shot in South Africa).

Check it out, y'all.



Paypa - The Bottle: Henny on the Rocks 2

Every so often it pays to click on banner ads on mixtape sites. Raekwon, Chip tha Ripper, Emilio Rojas and more think so, too.

Paypa kinda has a Big Boi + Big Sean vibe to him. Whatchall think?


Essince Throwback: Welcome to Jamrock!

Out in the streets, they call it MUUURRDEERRRRR!


EDUBB "High Lullaby" MV

ATL trio, EDubb prepares to release their first "concept-driven, full length effort LEGENDS OF THE FALL this May. The album features appearances by Jackie Chain and T-Mo Goodie [from the Legendary GOODIE MoB] and production from Jazze Pha and a few others.

They almost have a Bone Thugs/Crucial Conflict vibe to them in this song. I'm diggin' this.

[Thanks to Jerry Doby for the heads up]


Juste Debout World Tour 2012

I'm not sure which I did first, breakdancing or emceeing but I know I was 11 when I started both. BBoying didn't last as long (retired after completing a windmill) but I am still fascinated by it.

I've been going to for years and decided to check in and found these videos of the Juste Debout World Tour 2012. I'll let it speak for itself.

Part 1
Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Part 2

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo


Chuuwee "Glorious Revolution" MV

Big up to Amalgam Digital (Whattup, Next?) for the signing of MC, Chuuwee (you remember his Watching the Throne project, right?)

He released this video for "Glorious Revolution" (Dope video/concept, by the way) from the forthcoming #CrownMeKing project.



Steph Castro - Keys To The City MV

DC has some ill music coming out. Just heard about this cat, Steph Castro and kinda been jammin' on this track.

Download it here.

Shalone x Emilio Rojas "People"

Not familiar with Shalone but he's cool. I kinda met Emilio once at Shade45. He walked in the studio and later someone said it was him.

But yeah. Nice to hear positive/uplifting music.

Download here.

THROWBACK: LSOB - Sunday Afternoon

Off their 1990 album, "Brown & Proud", Lighter Shade of Brown dropped the classic, "Sunday Afternoon".

They made major strides for not only Latino MCs but westcoast hiphop as a whole.

I'm heading out west in a few weeks and I'm trying to have a dope Sunday Afternoon. Where the Hynas at?


All Day Apparel spring/summer '12

All Day Apparel is releasing it's spring/summer line and I really dig the simplicity and classic look to their line. Fashion is such a fad-based business (all-over print hoodies, super baggy JNCO jeans, throwback jerseys, etc) but at the core of it all are some classic timeless pieces which don't go out of style and ADA seems to have a firm understanding of those concepts. I only posted a few of my favorites but you can see more here.


2Pac live in 2012!

When I first heard Snoop and Dre were headlining Coachella I wondered what they were going to do to make it memorable. Last year Kanye debuted the Glow in the Dark tour there so they had some stiff competition in creating a great show.

The nostalgia of Snoop and Dre is enough to bring people but what can you do to KEEP them?

2Pac hologram anyone? (Or maybe he's alive and was broadcast live Princess Leia style from Cuba).

(click here for more info)


Marz the Superior "Rise & Downfall"

New Orleans-raised, Marz the Superior releases his new project, Rise & Downfall. There has been a lot of great music coming from the N.O. [S/O Chels]. Check @MarzTheSuperior's new release below.


Baby Bash x Miguel "Slide Over" MV

Good music is good music. Miguel has made some of my favorite music this past year or so and I've been a Baby Bash fan since he was Baby Beesh with SPM/Dopehouse Records. This song is getting play in the southwest but is yet to make moves in the midwest so I wanted to share the video. I can't stop playing this. (that last sentence was a 12/30/14 update. I still jam this).

P.S. Shout out to Miguel's hair.

AZ "My Niggas"

AZ drops his single "My Niggas" off his forthcoming "Do or Die 2".


Obie Trice "Spend the Day" MV

Yep, he's back. That is all.


Moka Only "Love Affair" MV

I'm on my way home from a brief west coast tour with Iron Solomon and when we were in Vancouver we met up with OG, Moka Only. Dude is gold and platinum status in Canada [forreal...I saw the plaques at his house] and he has a DOPE style.

Our extended family, @HipHopVancouver showed us this video they did for him while recording one for Iron [coming soon].

Check it out, Moka Only "Love Affair".


Snak the Ripper "Forgotten" MV

I'm in Vancouver right now and last night we had an interview with CJSF 90.1 FM and radio host, Rize put us on to this dude.

He has a Rich Hil style to his voice but kid is Dope.


Orisue: Kelso crewneck

Orisue has been dropping some dope pieces for their spring line and I'm definitely feeling this Kelso crewneck.

Grey is definitely the in color but cool colors (maroon, forest green, navy blue) are also coming up more and I'm diggin' on this Kelso.

Check out more angles and get your Kelso from Orisue here.

Essince Throwback: Smif-N-Wessun

Smif-n-Wessun (aka Cocoa Brovaz) dropped this ill video in 1994 during the golden era of hip hop. I'm currently on tour with them and the rest of Boot Camp Clik [also Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C.] so I felt I had to post this up (currently posting this from a hotel in Seattle). This track is ill.