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Fraction x Fresh Kills "Extra Science (2012)"

This was submitted to me a while ago but I really didn't have time to give it a proper listen. These cats are outta Canada and are bringing some pretty ill beats & rhymes. If it weren't for the persistence of Sarah I probably wouldn't have REALLY checked this.

It's not that I didn't want to but with all the submissions for this and a few other sites, combined with my company, and helping promote an event, and relocating to California (to name a few things) sometimes you get a little behind on emails.

Track 2 is knockin' and they say the word "Ess[i]nce" a lot so they're cool in my book. lol


Steph Castro "Cream Team" MV

Umm...he's from MD and his name's Steph Castro.

"Live & Let Die" coming soon.



Dogg Master "Good Die Young"

I was listening to Dogg Master and Busta Brown's DOPE-@$$ popping/locking anthem, "I Already Know" and I found some of his Dogg Master's other stuff.

He's too fresh. I always loved that west coast/synthy sound.

Check this.


For you actually reading my site and being cool I'm posting this song which is TOO clean. Enjoy...holy cow...

Remember when I went shoe shopping in Japan?

I was on facebook earlier and that stupid timeline/highlights thing reminded me of an older song I did. That song reminded me of the video I used that song in.

Lucky you I decided to [re]post both.

If only they made shoes to fit big people [I'm 6'6"]. I wonder where Godzilla shops?

Or just enjoy the song here.


3 Loco "Neato" MV

What more can I say?

Andy Milonakis, Simon "Dirty Nasty" Rex, and RiFF RaFF have joined forces to become 3 Loco.

Their premier video for "neato" is below. lol Happy Memorial Day.

P.S. Nice Lil Debbie cameo at the end. I saw her last night at my people LA Clique's fashion show.


"I'm The Truth" for Jordan 12 Cool Gray

I've always been a fan of gray and this orange and gray "I'm the Truth" New Era is almost like it's designed to go with the Jordan 12 cool grays...huh...what a coincidence! [wink wink]

Essince Throwback: Mos Def x Dj Honda

THIS is arguably one of my favorite hiphop songs ever from DJ Honda's second album, H2. One of the last songs on the album if my memory serves me correctly.

The beat is ill...mos is ill and the chorus and cuts are just too fresh. Honda is the man.

THIS is the "Essince" of hiphop to me.

Hiphop culture is international, y'all.


GLC x Raheem DeVaughn

Shout out to the big homie, GLC. We met out in Cleveland a year or so ago and briefly talked about me booking him in Japan but kinda faded out. Glad to see he has a strong publicist behind him (Whattup, Kev?).

Raheem is dope. Whatchall think of the track?

Moka Only x Ayatollah

S/O to the big homie, Moka Only in Van City, Vancouver. I'm excited to hear the project with Ayatollah. Dude is nice and Moka has been doing his thing for a minute (I saw the gold and platinum plaques to prove it).

Get the CD from Mokatollah here [*I came up with that and will trademark it tomorrow. lol]

Yo, Moka! Where's the video we did with Iron Solomon?


Jeu Green "Buddy Holly" MV

I wasn't sure what to expect with this title. I was expecting an actual Buddy Holly sample...though technically it is, but the song Buddy Holly [weezer] not the dude.

The official press release reads, "Reminiscent of the classic rockstar (Buddy Holly) is a story of a determined artist struggling to find himself musically and delivers an important message about being your own person."

I don't think that describes the video at all. lol The song is hot, don't get me wrong, but this has nothing to do with Buddy Holly the rocker or I don't know him as well as I thought I did. But the melodic break downs are pretty slick.

The kid has talent. I like him. But the comparisons with you know who will come (age, race, look, style). I hope he has a good PR/marketing team behind him. He's dope.

(Need a good marketing dude, Jeu? Hit me up).

Download here.


Royal Heir Radio ep1

It's been a long time coming but it's here. Yours truly has teamed up with the one and only, @DJOoWop to bring you episode 1 of Royal Heir Radio. A dope mix of our favorite new and underground music for your listening holes.

S/o to my girl, Erica from the Mad Bloggers for the cover.


Jhene Aiko "2 Seconds"

I've been a Jhené Aiko fan for sometime and her project, Sailing Souls is honestly one of my favorites in a long time.

Apparently this is 'unfinished' but who cares. It's dope. I can't wait for her album, "Souled Out".


Logic - Young Sinatra: Undeniable

I posted one of dude's videos a WHILE back (don't feel like looking for it. sorry lol) and hadn't heard from him since til a friend texted me this morning telling me to check him out. Here it is. Thanks, Cam. This is fresh.



I don't care what anyone says, M-A dollar sign E was the sh!t. I heard this song on the radio in a mix today and forgot how ill this is (very hard to find online, too).

This is my present to you for being so cool and coming to my site. Enjoy.


Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

A friend of mine introduced me to this and it's something I think is awesome. I like dressing up (sometimes) and I'm always a fan of hoodies...the executive pinstripe hoodie is [obviously] the combination of the two and is fashionably done.

The executive pinstripe hoodie comes with a lined hood, two front pockets, and ribbed cuffs.

Learn more and order yourself a Navy Executive Pinstripe Hoodie here


Jamieson "I'm Losing Faith" MV [London]

London MC, Jamieson has been making some moves lately and dropped his new video, "I'm Losing Faith" featuring Shareen Amout. This is off his forthcoming "I Saw, I Came" vol 3 EP

Super Fast History
From London. Produced first then rapped. Interned at SRC in NY. Collab'd with Joell Ortiz, Sean P, and more.

Steve Rifkind (CEO of SRC) says he could be the best MC from London.

Not bad, yeah?

Mike Golden x G.Scott x Chuck Inglish

Gary, IN's own G.Scott teams up with singer Mike Golden on this Chuck Inglish [Cool Kids]-produced "Stretch".


The Future is Now (hover cars)

You read correctly. Levitating cars. I always figured it'd come from Japan [ignorance] but this video is in Chinese. But who needs words when you have video footage? [double ignorance]


Lecrae "Church Clothes"

Big up to Lecrae for doing his thing. He's been making some serious moves lately (including the 2011 BET cypher). Check out his new project with Don Cannon.



Bust a Move

If I were still a break dancer (I retired at age 12 after completing my first windmill) I would go bananas on this song.

I heard this as background on a dance video and flipped.

Big up to Dogg Master and Busta Brown for "I Already Know"


RAEN optics x Warren Smith

"World wanderer, surfer and curator, Warren Smith gives RAEN’s classic Squire an update in color and detail with a new ivory acetate frame."

I'm really digging the updated classic look to RAEN's designs (these were inspired by 1950's James Dean).

"Designed with hand-crafted perfection, all RAEN sunglasses are outfitted with Optics by Carl Zeiss CR-39 lens technology and offered in at least one polarized style."

SIZING : 49/21-145
• Designed for use as both Sun and Rx frame
• Handcrafted Mazzucchelli Zyl Acetate Frame
• 100% UV Protected CR-39 Lens
• Shipped with custom sunglass case and sock

Learn more and get yourself a pair here.


Essince Throwback: WHOOMP THERE IT IS

This song came on the radio. I needed to share it with you.


Essince Throwback! LA Dream Team (1985)

I'm about 20% done with music industry icon, Jerry Heller's book, RUTHLESS [NWA, Eazy E, World Class Wreckin' Cru, Bone Thugs, etc. Also an OHIO native] and he's telling the story of how he got into the rap game and the artist who brought him out of his depression/funk is Pardee of the LA Dream Team and THIS is the song that inspired him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you "The Dream Team is in the House" by LA Dream Team (1985). It's crazy to think that if he hadn't met Pardee and he hadn't played this song for him we might never have had NWA.

Hip hop history, y'all.



Two things seem to not be going out of style (1) Apple accessories and (2) nostalgia.

Combine the two and you get what I have dubbed the iGhettoBlaster [Officially named the iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod].

iHome has made some pretty cool accessories and with my growing understanding/appreciation of technology and the dance world I think this could take off in those markets.

Chingo de Mayo

Ahh, what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with my favorite Meskin rapper, Chingo Bling.

Enjoy these bideos and mextapes and remember, kids, Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day.

Chingo Bling: Fruit Picker

Chingo Bling ft Dirty J - Fly Gang



I found an original Beastie Boys cassette tape at a goodwill store from when they were a punk band. Licensed to Ill was one of the first CDs I bought when I was in 5th grade (my first was Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted when I was 10).

Hip hop lost another great today. R.I.P. Adam "MCA" Yauch. You were awesome in NBA Jam TE for Sega Genesis, too.

If you haven't seen this...I shared it for your convenience

Green x Beige Nike Dunk High

(photo via Complex)

I've always been a fan of earth tones so I'm all about this tan and green-leathered two-tone Dunk High model Nike's released.

Throw in some red laces (because red is the complimentary color of green. That's why it's so popular at Xmas) and some white soles and you're good to go.

Add these and more to your collection from Burn Rubber.


Essince Pimpin' Throwback: DJ Quik x Suga Free

If anyone knows pimpin' it's the west coast.

If anyone makes some dope laid-back pimpin' music it's DJ Quik and Suga Free.

Peep game and learn yo'self.

A Crook is Born

Big up to Crooks & Castles for dropping their "A Crook is Born" design at Cranium Fitteds.


Going Back to Cali

In honor of my [temporary?] relocation to Hollywood, I felt these videos were appropriate.

LL Cool J

Biggie [R.I.P.]