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I first met producer/designer extraordinaire, @TechSupreme when I lived in STL a few years ago. He's been the man behind some of the illest production and graphics coming out of the city for a long time and I wanted to feature some of his work. And his description is pretty cool:

"In my city (St. Louis) there are a gazillion "rappers". They all want one thing, support. As a producer I get approached damn near daily. My response is to only support good music. I mean, why would you support something you don't believe in. When I wear this tee, I'm not talking about anyone in particular, but if you think I'm talking about your music...I am."

Support those who Support Good Local Music here

And they also have this in WOMEN's sizes.

And shout out to Tech for helping me understand who the purple guy is at the end of Avengers lol (it's Thanos)

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