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Da Big Fella x Wale "Spill"

Wale (co-founder of "The Board Administration "(BOA) Management and Marketing group) debuts his new artist, Da Big Fella and he released the first single from his forthcoming BOA debut, "Heart of a King".

Rather than start a label, Wale started a mgmt/marketing company to help fellow DMV artists which I think is a dope idea. I like that better than starting a label, honestly. I never understood why a new artist would start a label and put people out (ie. Tyga's label...he hasn't done enough to have the influence to make moves for his artist).

Check more about BOA & Da Big Fella at FatzDaBigFella.com

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  1. Cool song and solid analysis of the new artist label trend...I agree that Wale is on the right path!