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ESSINCE x CRANIUM FITTEDS Unofficial Summer Style Guide

I've been cool with the good folks of Cranium Fitteds since....close to creation I think? Let's say back to when it was only hats. I love seeing their growth. I decided since a lot of the fashion I feature is from them I'd use their newsletter to make an outfit that I'd rock this summer.

I'm not getting a commission or anything out of them but they've always been cool and supporting of my music so I wanted to do the same. I wanted to pick a cool but casual summer outfit. I'm writing this from my [temporary?] home in North Hollywood, CA where I'm doing some music marketing work and am influenced by the gray skies and mid 70s weather.

Let's start at the top with this Chicago Bulls Black & Red (Green Under) 59fifty

I'm a big hat fan and since I was raised in the Jordan era, I was a front-runner like every other child in the history of children and loved the Bulls. My local loyalty grew as I got older but I love the colors and respect the team.

Snap Backs and fitteds go in and out of style but hats never do so at the end of the day, who cares?

Let's move on to the shirt.

I went with The BFF Tee by Rocksmith

Rocksmith always has some dope gear and I felt the neutral gray, black and white went with the hat and didn't draw too much attention away from key accent points.

I've always been a Watch man and went with the classic The Volt watch by LRG

It's simple and classy without being flashy which makes for a nice accent and being black doesn't draw too much attention but it's noticeable (women like men who wear watches).

I kept the tops simple because I wanted to balance out the outfit with camo pattern shorts in the form of the Washed Woodland Camo Shorts with Canvas Belt by Buyers Choice

Camo is in right now but again, it's one of those classic things that never really goes out of style.

Here's where I'm gonna get wack by not picking any CF footwear.

2 reasons, (1) because I wear size 15 so my selection is pretty limited.
2) I'm more of a hi-top guy but I'm experimenting in not wearing hi-tops with shorts and also by NOT having my shoes directly match my hat. Nothing wrong with coordinating your hat with your watch with your belt with your shoes. But I'm going for a simpler look this summer. They have some dope red lo-cuts by Huf as well as many other options so go with an existing pair you have or get something new.

Enjoy your summer and don't forget the baby power. No one with swamp-ass or heat rash gets loin love from the ladies, ya dig?

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