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ESSINCE x Cranium Fitteds: Fitted Fix (unofficial)

I'm back on my hat fix and picked out some of my favorite hats from Cranium Fitteds for the late summer/early fall season.

This is unofficial as far as my ties with @CraniumFitteds, but they always supported my music and I like hats so I want to return the favor.

Check out some of the 3 accessories needed to top you off proper this summer.
(Get it? bc hats are worn on...nevermind. whatever). Check out my picks.

Above you saw the Brooklyn Dodgers Woodland Camoflauge (Green Under)

Camo is in and it's one of those classic patterns that never really goes out. Combine that with the throwback BK Dodgers logo and you're good. I'd recommend a grey T with it.

Speaking of Grey, next I chose the Philadelphia Phillies Gray, Yellow, Orange, Royal SNAPBACK

I'm diggin' the color scheme on this. It works with most colors but I'd recommend dark colors, like a Navy Blue shirt to make the complimentary orange stand out.

And while I'm on retro I like the simplicity of this Chicago Whitesox Retro Onfield (Green Under)

Rock this with white, grey, or if you look good in green, it works. I know red and green are Xmas colors but they are that for a reason, they're complimentary. Plus the underside of the bill is green. Yellow is also a possibility .

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