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SNEAKret Society (KIKSTYO)

"Some say the sneaker game is like a secret society..."

This is true. Unfortunately for me (and fortunate for my bank account) I'm big. I don't mean 600lbs big I mean 6'6.5" size 15 shoe big so I have a very limited selection when it comes to shoes. Most of the time I just window shop so if sneakerhead-dom IS a secret society...I guess that makes me the guy who watches/DVR's all of  the 'masonry exposed' and 'New World Order' documentaries but never really joins.

"Some say the sneaker game is like a secret society. Outsiders stay blind to the inner workings, the hidden truths, the forbidden knowledge... and the deeper you get involved, the harder it is to get out. This graphic represents with a flip on the classic MOBB DEEP cover. Available in White, Gray and Black on Black." - http://www.kikstyoshop.com/more-deep-tee-p-2458.html

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