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Three Loco EP + Merch

I feel dirty posting this on a Sunday so I'm gonna have to go to a night service at Church tonight to cancel it out but your favorite group, 3 Loco drops their kinda EP (more of a 2track sampler) but their full EP is coming soon.

You rememnber their video, "Neato" right?

Stream and download here.

Dirty Nasty actually has some dope merch, too. (no pun intended [or achieved] bc of all the drug references/use). But check this stuff out.

I've see a lot of takes on the Jordan logo but I like this Dirt Nasty Jordan a lot.

Fxxk Me I'm Famous wristband (I could've used these on a few trips overseas lol).

Click here for Beer Cozys, snapbacks, t-shirts, shot glasses and more.

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