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I'm about to go to my basement and get my paints out. I have JUST enough warmth left before snow hits so I can tag.


The Stacks Crewneck

Speaks for itself. Motivation.

Order yours here.


9five IXV Grey & Black Wool Snapback

Normally 9Five Eyewear is known for eyewear (hence the 'eyewear') but they have some ill accessories, too like this grey wool snapback.

You know I'm gonna say I'm all about the grey. But dang it if I don't love some wool hats, too. Both the bill and the actual hat (or 'crown' as I've recently learned) are wool.

complete with embroidered logos this is something I'd rock heavy this winter.

Get yours here

And maybe you could use some glasses, too? Like these from when I met with 9Five in LBC.



Beat tapes.

I'm all about 'em. Not just because I'm an MC, but because I love music and beats are perfect background music.

@JohnnySwindles is a TX-born producer residing in Philly and dropped his 2nd EP titled, Nephilim. For those unfamiliar, Nephilim are the half-human offspring of fallen angels (Genesis 6:4) and humans as described in the Old Testament (Numbers 13:32–33, the book of Enoch). That's what spiked my curiosity in his tape.

This isn't something I would necessarily rhyme over but it's pretty chill. It really picks up on tracks 3 & 4 for me. Those are my cuts on this.


Gobble Gobble, Muthafxcka

We have much be thankful for.


Greene + Gray

For the tech saavy  native in all of us.

LA-based Greene + Gray (G+G) announced its debut collection of totes, handbags and more and "bridges the gap between high-priced techcessories from brands like Tory Burch and kate spade and the one-note, purely functional wallets and bags from Incase and Case Mate by delivering a high-end look and feel without the couture prices."

See more below. This line is ill and I really like the patterns. As I've been saying this summer, native/earth patterns are the in thing and this definitely fits in that category. These are clean.


Xzibit's Back

The illustrious X to the Z, Xzibit makes his return to the stage in the form of the Collateral Damage tour which is sponsored by Xbox and hitting spots all over Canada before expanding across other parts of the world.

I'm glad to see Young De on the tour as well. I met him a few times in Hollywood when I was interning at the Latin Rap Conference in 2008.

X definitely has a story to tell and I'm working to get an exclusive interview for y'all so he can tell you in his own words where he was and where he's going.

Get his new album "Napalm" here.



Mistah FAB Freestyle cypher with Homeless Woman!

I was getting ready to do an an interview with Bay legend Mistah FAB after a dope event by Thizzler on the Roof when 2 young MCs wanted to spit something for FAB. I quick turned on the camera and caught the impromptu cypher (which FAB murdered) then a homeless woman walks into frame and gets behind me asking to get down.


Pardon the quality but last spur of the moment what can ya most ppl will watch on their phones anyway so I don't care. lol


Plane Jane "RE-UP" MV

I met Plane Jane [@PlaneJane12] in Fresno a few weeks back at a music conference we did with Hunid Racks energy drink and saw here again in SF at a Thizzler on the Roof event. She's cold and has a live show, too.

Her new double-disc project "K.E.R.B." [Killing Every Rapper's Beats] will be dropping soon but get hip to this.

Essince approved.


Kid Named B​reezy: '93 Mixtape

I posted a track of his off this a while back and now it's here.

@KidNamedB​reezy drops '93.

"The mix tape will be followed with several headlining concerts, multiple release parties, charitable events, and of course his weekly video blogs."

Cool, huh? Download at his site,, HERE.


Iamsu! -"$uzy 6 $peed"

This dude is that dude in the Bay right now. I've seen him on a bunch of mixtapes and features and his name was popping last time I was out west. Check Suzy 6 Speed mixtape by Iamsu! below.


Akomplice Fall 12 (teaser)

Wow, Akomplice's fall line is Noice this year. I'll do some more detailed features soon but I wanted to give you a little teaser.


Hoot For Hooters

Ok so not only am I late on this but...well that's it. I'm just late. But this shirt is stupid fresh and it's designed to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer (a cause I always support). The Masses made an incredible design in this "Hoot for Hooters" shirt.

See below for close ups, the back, and more info.

Gigio "Move" MV

SanFran's own NicaRican MC, Gigio Cordova drops his new video for "Move".

The track is nice and hits you with that pure hiphop/lyricism complete with ill graff backgrounds.

And at 2:07 he says "My Ess[i]nce is never ending" so I took that as a sign I was meant to post this.

Audio Wavy Vol​.​1 The Beat Tape

I've always been a fan of instrumental CDs/Beat Tapes, and not just because I'm a rapper...I love music and beat CDs are some of the illest things to live to (video games, drive, work, read, sex, whatever).

Check out what Maryland's Marc Andre did in the form of "Audio Wavy vol 1: The Beat Tape".

Respect to MD (even thought my UK Wildcats just beat y'all and we stole the Harrison Twins from you for next year, too) lol.


MistahFAB "Yo Primo" Freestyle

I finally met Mistah FAB when I was in the Bay this past weekend, too and he's one of the illest off the top freestylers I've ever heard. He gave an exclusive freestyle for me I'll post soon but he posted this to get at his favorite producer, Premier.

At first I thought his was one of my FAVORITE beats by Mos Def because @DJHonda flipped this sample CRAZY in "Travelin' Man" off his H2 album. It's flipped differently by primo but still illy foreally.

ANYWAY, Mad respect to FAB. Dude's cold as ice.

* Producers and crate junkies learn about the sample here. word to "Who Sampled".

Too Short x E-40 x Tyga

I was blessed to be able to meet Too Short this past weekend on a trip to the Bay when he was rockin' at a club in Oakland. He did a few classics and performed a few tracks off his new double-album with fellow legend, E-40 so I wanted to post this new video which features Tyga.

I was never a big Tyga fan (tho his track "Cali Love" is nice) but I've come to really appreciate his cadence and delivery as of late. He's a good fit. As they say in the Bay, this shit slaps. Check it.

Amazon: Function
Amazon: Mob Music

The project features including Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Ice Cube, Sugafree, Jeremih, Travis Porter, Kurupt, Battlecat, Cousin Fik, Turf Talk, B-Legit and more.

(Cousin Fik [Sick Wid It Records], Me bka Essince aka Too Tall, Too Short)

Big Bird Defeats Romney

I guess this is more pertinent now that the election is over. unfortunately the shirts are [temporarily?] sold out but this "Street Beef 12" Big Bird over Romney poster is still available thru Akomplice.

The text beneeath reads:

"Its a sure sign of the times that even Big Bird has become political. And now, politicians have targeted PBS–which airs Sesame Street and represents one of our last unbiased news sources–with budget cuts.
PBS isn’t wasteful government spending–it’s a public good. The same politicians who want to gut the program would use the savings to give tax cuts to the rich, adding to the already dangerous concentration of wealth in the world’s top one percent.
But as the 99 percent, we are the Big Birds of the world. We’ll fight to keep the money on the streets, where it belongs, and to put knowledge in the hands of every citizen, not just the fortunate few."


DJ Kachina 'Ratchet GRRRL"

It's about that time, y'all. The incredible DJ Kachina [also my co-host on Urban Tribe Radio] dropped her new mixtape, ℜα☂ḉн℮т Ḡℛℜℜℒ [or 'Ratchet Girl' for those who aren't fluent in WingDings] and it's available for public consumption. She's opened my ears to Trap Music so this is definitely something new I'd love for y'all to get up on.

* Essince Fun Fact: That's her face on the cover. She's a crazy dope makeup artist, too.*

Listen to the mix below or download it here.

The Bay Delay

What's going on, y'all? Sorry for the delay. I'm out in CA right now and have been on the road all weekend. I was moderating a music conference in Fresno, CA and heading out to San Francisco tomorrow for a few events before flying back home EARLY Monday.

But I copped a few classic Bay CDs (Philthy Rich, Mac Dre [R.I.P.], San Quinn) so I wanted to feature the late, great Mac Dre.



These are only available for ONE DAY! (actually 1/2 a day...6pm-6am Tomorrow November 2nd).

So I highly recommend you bookmark this page > (

I'll be on a flight to CA for the event we're doing [California City2City] so I'll do my best to be one of the lucky few..