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I'm Mayan.

If you're reading this then congratulations, not only can you read but you've survived the misunderstanding of the 3 calendar system that has become the "Mayan Apocalypse".

Quick history lesson before celebration. The Mayans had 3 calendars with different lengths. The short explanation is that this calendar represented 5,200 cycles of a 360 day period which ended 12-21-12. This calendar is to calculate earth cycles (which modern scientists agree is 25,920 years) and astrological movements. This is more the end of an age/era than the end of the world and identifies an alignment of the Midwinter Solstice sun with the galactic center.

But whatever. Here's a song with the word "Mayan" in it by Masspike Miles. Relax and enjoy your life (but don't waste it).


p.s. I really am part Mayan.

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