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Man, I really could've used one of these in college while trying to dunk on fools on NBA Jam TE while talking to my mom. *hell yes I brought my Sega Genesis with me...not being retro I just never upgraded lol*

I know what some of you are thinking, 'why do you need this? Use speaker phone?'

Well maybe I'm in a public place and don't want the world listening in or the background noise shared?

'But, Essince, just use a Blue Tooth, bro...hands free'

True...blueteeth are hands free...they also usually cost more and, pardon my ignorance, but can they transfer easily from mobile, to tablet, to PC? Do they reduce absorbed radiation from cell phones by up to 99%?

Do bluetooths come in different colors like this bad-ass Kentucky Wildcat Blue?? (my title not theirs).

Anyway, I've been rocking this for a minute and though I was skeptical (and also wanted one) it's actually pretty dope.

Check below to see a few more pics of me [taken by Adam Smith] using the POP Phone while rockin' this "Fruits & Veggies" T by Planet of the Grapes [Oakland] and Spilled Milk fitted by NeverSay Cutz [Bangkok].

Cop a POP here.

3.5mm [1/8"] jack plugs right in

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