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Allen Stone "Is This Love" MV

So I was watching TV last night and a show came on called "Live From Daryl's House" and featured Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy...it piqued my curiosity so I watched. Turns out Daryl is Daryl Hall from the illustrious Hall & Oates and he just has people come over and interviews them between jamming out with an incredible band.

During a commercial break there was a quick promo for a dude named Allen Stone and I searched for videos of him online...wow....this dude can SING. One of the first youtube videos where I actually AGREE with the comments.

Such as:
"I want everyone to love him. But at the same time I want this to be my own special thing that I found. Lol I'm selfish with good reason."
"He's like Maxwell meets Stevie Wonder....Amazing"

He's from Seattle and apparently my friend's friends are his bandmates. Right on.

Need more convincing? Check this video of him covering "Killing Me Softly"...Mad respect, brotha.

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