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B.A.R.S. Murre is Dirt Nasty's newest artist (or protegé or something, whatever). I've known [of] Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty since the 3rd Scary Movie and his music always cracks me up (especially the 3 Loco songs with Andy Milonakis and RiFF RaFF). He started working with B.A.R.S. and produced this whole new album for him.

This kid definitely has that west coast slow flow going for him, despite his Jersey upbringing. (Think French Montana doing an Evidence impression)

"I produced my first full length album for B.A.R.S Murre, my favorite South Jersey rapper who Alchemist showed me on YouTube a while back. I reached out to him on Twitter and gave him some beats and a couple months later we had a pretty sweet old school hip hop album. B.A.R.S has worked with French Montana, Riff Raff, Beanie Sigel and he's only been rapping for a couple years. His laid back slow flow sounds perfect over my beats. Enjoy ya'll!" - Dirty Nasty

Click here if you want the album.

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