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Neon Italian Ice Toronto Raptors Snapback

The 90s throwback is in full effect, y'all. And I, for one, though I speak for many, am kinda diggin' this. Mitchell & Ness take me back to the Fresh Prince days with this ill 100% Nylon Neon Italian Ice Toronto Raptors Snapback ["you said a mooouuuthful," in my lil Rascals voice]
** Essince Fun Fact: Inadvertently alluded to my allusion because in the 90s remake of the Little Rascals, the kid who played cousin Nicky on the Fresh Prince played Buckwheat. **

But back to hats. I can see this in the summer for sure with a nice tank and shades. Low cut sneakers.

The idea of a dinosaur playing basketball was always sweet to me anyway so why not go all out and embrace this? Word to my people in Toronto.

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