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Fluid Outrage: Back For The First Time

I met these guys in Nashville this past weekend at the Southern Entertainment Awards in Nashville. First on Friday night as a judge at the artist showcase where they performed and later again at the conference and award show (I should've just said the whole weekend lol).

* Side note (Almost looks like dude's rocking the Chicago Bulls hat for the Jordan 3 jokers. lol

I'm back home in the snow now back to work and listening to this fat stack of CDs I was handed as I finished speaking on the panel. The homie, Capo of Concrete Magazine made sure they handed this to me personally and vouched for it and WOW, this is ill. Forreal. Essince co-sign all day. The laid back, southern smooth vibes from this had me play it all the way through...I can't tell you how RARELY I let a CD run through, especially something I'm given after speaking at a music conference.

Check out some of Nashville's finest in Fluid Outrage's "Back for the First Time".

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