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Essince Interview: REVERIE

I first saw Reverie in a battle and I'm not sure what it was about her but I wanted to see more; mostly hear more, as in the songs she wrote. The LA-raised, Mexi-doran MC(Mexican/Ecuadoran...kinda flows, right?) has been doing her thing from the Paid Dues stage to west coast tours, MURS co-signs and everything in between.

I once read a comment from a fan on her facebook saying she doesn't like to be complimented on her looks...I'm not sure if that's true and honestly I really don't care because she's gorgeous and I'm gonna say it. (And what woman doesn't like hearing that every once in a while?)

She's intelligent, confident, raps, has tattoos, does graffiti, and she's sexy...seriously, what's not to like?
I caught up with her between shows in LA and Seattle. Check it out....

ESSINCE: How did you decide on the name Reverie?
REVERIE: One day I was doing my honors English homework in the 10th grade, which was looking up definitions, and I happened to come across it. I used to always get stuck for hours reading the dictionary whenever had to do assignments like that. I was actually looking for a new tagging name & when I found that word it just felt right.

ESSINCE: Haha I used to do that, too. So how did you get into rapping? I know you have other creative outlets from the graffiti and poetry but when did you start making music?
REVERIE: I got into rapping just from the love of it. I have listened to rap music since I was a very small child. As far back as I can remember, I've been bumping hip hop. When I was in kindergarten I remember walking around the school yard with my best friends singing along to Tupac & Biggie Smalls. It's just always been a huge part of my life.

I have been writing poems pretty much since I learned how to spell & then in the 7th grade they turned into raps. I always freestyled, too since I was small. I used to stutter & be nervous back in the day but now I'll flow any time, anywhere.

I actually recorded my first verse when I was 17. I used to hit up this studio in Chino Hills & they would record me there. They showed me hella love but it was so far & back then I didn't have a car so my access to it was very limited. I did a few collabos with them and probably about 5 solo tracks at that studio between 17-18. I remember the first time I recorded, they wanted me on a verse on their song just to try me out. I wrote it real quick, busted it & then recorded. They were blown away. My first verse even started with, "first time flowing on a track, ain't tryna come with nothing wack.." I love that verse. After that day they invited me to be a part of their label, "Section 8" so that I could record for free with them so I joined ! I was so excited to finally have a studio to drop songs on. Much love to Roger, J Peso & all them, mad respect.

ESSINCE: I remember seeing you say once that you kinda missed the days when people didn't know who you were so you could vent and they wouldn't hear about it. How has the growth in exposure/popularity been for you?
REVERIE: Well.. at first it was all cool & don't get me wrong, I love interacting with my fans & supporters; however, sometimes it can be tremendously overwhelming/ annoying.

Sometimes when I post things on my Facebook or if I say something in a song people accuse me of saying something to "be cool" or because I "think I am cool" or tell me that I am "misusing my 'popularity'." I think it's extremely annoying when people say things like that because the statements or opinions of mine are always factual. Just because I have a bunch of followers looking at what I am saying, it doesn't mean that I should be subjected to hushing my opinions or censoring my reality.  To "be cool" is the least of my concerns or else I would not be putting my insecurities & flaws out there for everyone to use against me when the opportunity arises.

People expect too much sometimes. They idolize me & look at me like I am trying to put myself out there to be this role model that I am not. I make music & I want to help people but I am definitely not a role model. I think people use the word "role model" wrong when they talk about me. Jesus Christ is a role model. I am a normal person with a lot of problems.

On the other hand, the exposure has been great for my rap career. It is very overwhelming though. I get recognized pretty much every time I leave my house now in Southern California so I kinda always gotta watch what I am doing & be ready for a picture. It's cool but you know when you have those days when you just wanna be invisible ? I get those a lot & most days I can't hide.

So far as the venting goes.. well, I just wanna talk hella shit sometimes online haha. Like on twitter sometimes i wanna tweet something about someone or something but I can't because I know 5,000 people are gonna read it. If just my close friends read it, it would be cool but when 5,000 people read it, it might not be. So it stays bottled up in me. I gotta watch everything I say because people will use it against me. It sucks to live like that but fuck it. It is what it is right ? I love this hip hop shit.

ESSINCE: Do you still battle? I'd only seen the one battle with you and Jen Johnson (which is actually how I found you).
REVERIE: Yeah I still battle. I only do freestyle battles though. I have always battled since I was in high school. It is something I like to do & am pretty good at actually. That battle with Jen was actually a pre written battle & was also my first recorded pre written battle. I fucked up cuz I wrote it that day, that's why I forgot it. I freestyled the second & third rounds but I started fucking up cuz I was hella nervous & mad. I was ready to box that bitch when she called me out in the second round but she didn't want it after she knew it was really bout to go down.

Everyone tells me to do more & I might but in all reality, right now I don't have time. My career is taking off hard right now & battle rap doesn't really take you too far.

I get a lot of shit for that battle but it just makes me that much doper that I can pull some shit like that & still have the fan base that I do. I definitely learned something from that experience.. practice !!

ESSINCE: What is your relationship to MURS like?
REVERIE: Murs ! That is the big homie right there, man. Hands down, my favorite rapper since like 7th grade. He is actually the first "underground" rapper I ever listened to. I have always been a big fan & then when I was 19 I met him in Seattle at his show with Tech N9ne & we just clicked right off the bat. He knew my music & we just chopped it up & were real cool since then. He has helped me so much throughout my career, from reposting my videos & links, to featuring on his album, to putting me on paid dues last year. More importantly than that he has given me essential advice about the rap game & about life in general that I have utilized & grown a lot from. Murs is one of my role models. I really look up to everything he does & will always be a fan. Much love to Murs, Kate & Baby Bishop !

ESSINCE: I used to be really into lucid dreaming and studying alternate states of consciousness, are you still into dreams?
REVERIE: Yes. dreams fascinate me. My dreams are so interesting & complicated & always feel so real. I always trip out on them. I often wonder if people's dreams are as tripped out as mine. Sometimes I experiment with my dreams & the way I fall asleep. I get a lot of night terrors but they fascinate me just as much as the regular dreams. Another thing I wish I had more time for !

ESSINCE: That being said what are your "dreams" [goals] with your music now?
REVERIE: Damn.. people always ask me this question & I never really have a definitive answer because I really don't know yet. For the time being, my dreams are just to help people get through shit they thought they couldn't. People tell me that my music has saved them get through depressive states, break ups, deaths, even prevented some people from committing suicide. To me, to hear that I saved someone's life, that is so moving & life changing to me. I tear up & get short of breath when I hear things like that. It means the world to me. I understand people. I don't judge people because I have been judged & looked down on my life so I guess that's why I connect with people.

I wanna start doing volunteer work with kids after my tour is done. I really wanna help the youth, that's a big goal of mine for sure.

I wanna travel around the world but that will come later. As of now, I am completely content with the connections I am making with people around the world. It's amazing.

ESSINCE: How has the response been to your newest project, "The Transition"?
REVERIE: It has been great ! I haven't released a project for a whole year ! Since last Christmas. My fans were patient & when I dropped it, they loved it. Everyone is talking/ blogging about it & I am getting lots of feedback from it. I am very proud of it. Big ups to Louden for recording, mixing & mastering the whole thing for me. Much love & appreciation to Louden, Spok Beats, Juliano, Eztayla, Figub Brazlevič & J Dilla RIP for the beautiful beats on this project & big ups to hide&Seekzoo for being the only rap feature on my project. Thank you guys. download it for free at www.loudenbeats.com

ESSINCE: Do you plan to expand your tour more national in 2013?
REVERIE: Definitely. we hit Vegas in December but this year we will hit AZ, WA, OR, MI, NV again & hopefully a few others ! The tour has been so fun & fulfilling. Much love to my Stepping Stones crew, Vel, Inzom, Endz, The Locally Grown Collective, Dave Allen, DeejaeBee, Fourth Beats & DJ Nothyself !

ESSINCE: Where can we find your work online? How can fans keep in touch with you?
REVERIE: Download my songs for free at www.loudenbeats.com

get my shirts & autographed cd's at www.reveriepug.bigcartel.com

ESSINCE: Any final shout outs?
REVERIE: Shout outs to Louden because without him, I would be nothing. He is the man behind the curtain, my right hand man, dr. Frankenstein. Thank you, little brother for everything you have done for me over the years, the music & beyond the music, I love you. Shout outs to all my other brothers & sister, I love you guys with all my heart, Ryan, Brandon, Mikey, Noah, Hudson & Erin, you guys mean the world to me. Mom, papa, Robin, Josephine, Grandmas, both of you & all of my fucked up ass family, I love you all. Shout outs to my pin up girls, my girls, I love you guys, my sisters from other misters, my roll dogs, the only friends I need in this world.

Shout outs to Los Angeles & Seattle & the whole world.

Shout outs to my fans, I love you guys, you saved me.

Shout outs to your mom, tell her I'll be home tonight but not to wait up.

I'll let her know.
Love and respect.

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