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Essince interview: DAMIZZA

I've had some great interviews [Paul Wall, B.O.B., Chuck D, Bone Thugs, Naughty By Nature, work on the "Ghost Ride the Whip" DVD etc] but as far as the wisdom shared in combination with the honest fluidity of the conversation I think might be my favorite. I'd known the name Damizza from production of tracks like Shade Shiest's "Where I Wanna Be" but honestly I didn't know too much more about him....until I read his book. I had no idea how deep into the shaping of current hip-hop music Damizza was.

He tells his story honestly (complete with ups and downs) from humble beginnings as a kid interning at a local radio station to becoming the youngest program director at Power 106 in LA to working with Dr. Dre and being asked to help Break Eminem to becoming best friends with Mariah Carey and all the hiccups that life brings. Shoot HE REUINTED DRE AND SNOOP! lol

We were able to discuss returning to the business through his new radio venture, returning to "normal life", having to teach "what a sample is" to the songwriter for Frank Sinatra and strategies on dealing with haters. I uploaded our conversation because I wanted him to tell it in HIS voice.


Check this track from some of the new artists he's working with, Defiant and Lil Bams below.

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