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Essince Style Guide: summer BBQ Edition

Summer is coming and that means one thing...BBQ. I'm tryna max out on the grille this weekend. Hopefully it'll be warm where you are so I put together an outfit from some featured items at @CraniumFitteds.

I decided to start at the top (because that just makes sense) and chose this "The Made In France snapback" by Dope Couture.

Who needs sleeves in the summer I say? So why not continue with this theme with the "Made In France Tank Top" by Dope Couture.

I've been raving about Gray the past year and a half and stand by it especially with the Red, White, and Blue accents which match the hat (almost like they were made for each other...).

Woodland has some pretty nice Camo Cargo Shorts which I felt were fitting for this fitting. Camo is one thing that never completely goes out of style in streetwear and it matches the grey really well as well as the red accents from the top pieces.

Now the rest of the outfit is up to you. You could obviously continue with the red in your shoes and accessories but be careful not to overdo it. A nice black watch (G-Shock) or maybe a wooden necklace would be great, simple accessories. 

Cranium Fitteds is having a dope Memorial Day Sale this weekend. You don't HAVE to celebrate it with "made in france" themed apparel, obviously because it's a day to honor fallen soldiers (and I lost quite a few in this current war) but with these color combinations you can't really go wrong. Remember to go SIMPLE but with proper pattern or color accents you can't go wrong.

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