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ICP & Boyz 2 Men Show Us How to Love Our Mommies

I don't mean together as in a collaboration (wouldn't that be nuts??). I know "Dear Mama" from 2Pac comes to everyone's mind when discussing mom songs from the hip-hop generation but here are 2 more which I feel are awesome. They're both uniquely beautiful.

Boyz II Men are obviously ineffably talented and have incredible voice but the humble honesty from Violent J of ICP shows a true, unconditional love I really appreciate, too.

My parents are going to visit my paternal grandmother for her 90th birthday tomorrow but I have an obligation keeping me from the trip but I'll see my maternal grandmother for a while. But I can't wait to see my mommy.

The same people who say 'this is just a commercial holiday' are the same ones who complain about Valentine's day...shut up, I say. Of course I love my mother every day but why can't I enjoy setting aside a whole day for her? I get older every day but I only celebrate it once a year and I don't hear you drunk tramps complaining about THAT.

But enough mood killing. Enjoy the time with or memories of your mother and God Bless the moms.

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