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Chance the Rapper "Acid Rap"

I've been hearing the name Chance the Rapper a lot lately. At first I got him confused with a Canadian MC named Snak the Ripper from Vancouver (not to be confused with Chip tha Ripper, now known as King Chip). None of them look a like but it's 'the ripper/rapper' part that did it.

But the game's been buzzin' on the windy city's own, Chance and his new project "Acid Rap" is pretty ill. I hate to be cliche in saying "refreshing" but it is and I said it so I'm not taking it back. This project is too fresh. I had to update this post because I put it on and just let it ride and dang it's ill.

Listen for yourself below then watch this Snak the Ripper video below that.

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