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J Cole "Truly Yours 2"

Sorry for the delay. I was traveling back from a crazy (but productive) trip to the Kentucky Derby. *Side note* if you get a chance to go once I highly recommend it. And Jim Porter's GOES on Sundays.

Anyway, when J Cole first came out I'll be real in that I wasn't a big fan of his. I think it's because I felt he didn't have a personality. He was just a dude who could rap. I felt that way about Wale, too in that he didn't have a personality to me. But the more I heard about J Cole I figured what the heck I'll give him a chance and I really like his style. He works hard and can spit. so when his new single with Miguel came out I was jammin' that heavy so when I got this in my inbox I had to share it with you.

"Truly Yours"

- Essince

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