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Chris Rivers "Wonderland Of Misery" [Big Pun's Son]

The first time I heard Chris Rivers [fka Baby Pun] was on a Cuban Link track on a mixtape back in the day. From rumors of a group with other MCs kids to a few tracks here and there he's released his debut, "Wonderland of Misery: 6 Line Chronicles".

I'm glad he's embracing the subtitle of "Big Pun's Son". A lot of people feel like it will keep them in the shadow of someone else but the public will refer to him as that just like they always classified Em as "white rapper eminem". Eventually when the PUBLIC accepts it and realizes how dope he is they'll accept him as his own entity.

He has some guest features on this, too but you'll have to listen to find out who (since it's unlisted but you'll recognize the voice on track 4 for sure).

Keep doing what you do, Chris. This kid can SPIT. RIP always to Pun.

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