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Essince Birthday Giveaway 2013 presented by ZINIO


Today, June 18, 2013 marks the day I was born (along with M C Escher, Paul McCartney, Roger Ebert (late film critic), Sandy Alomar (MLB), Nate (Boyz II Men), Blake Shelton, Atonio Gates*, John D Rockefeller IV**, and many more brilliant people.

NOW!!! Since it's my birthday I'm going to give YOU something. I was recently contacted by Zinio, the world's leading digital magazine library about some new things. I still love physical books, magazines, and products but I'm using the kindle app on my tablet/phone more and more and though I was a little skeptical at first I gave Zinio a shot and got an issue of Esquire (because my grandpa read it and he was as classy as it gets [R.I.P.!]).

I'm teaming with Zinio to GIVE AWAY 10 SUBSCRIPTIONS to anyone who wants to try out the app which features over 5500 titles. No charge. No scams. No strings attached. I felt like giving and I'm doing it.

Check out the flier for details and be sure to check out Zinio (iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, & computers!)
Ends 7/18 (that's a month, yo)

Essince Fun Facts
* I grew up watching Antonio Gates play basketball for Kent State before he was drafted to play Football
** my grandpa's great uncle was a gardener for John D Rockefeller and JDR took a liking to him and paid his way through college. Too bad there was no inheritance...or was there...nah...?

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