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Мишка Presents: Keep Watch Vol. XXXVI: DJ Sliink

Ahh...remember when mixtape DJs actually mixed and added their remixes. Those were the days...

Oh...wait...there are still people doing that? And they're teaming up with Mishka? And it's free? Cool.

You're welcome.

"It’s been a minute since our last Keep Watch Mix, but we are literally twerking with happiness to present the latest installment with DJ SLiiNK! While none of you simps were able to guess via Twitter, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that we wanted to do something with the dude. Sliink has been murdering parties in New Jersey and NYC for a minute, soundtracking a bunch of nights we sorta remember as being a lot of fun. Homeboy has been expanding his reign of turnup terror all around the country, helping people make bad, but fun life choices. We recognized homeboy was on some manifest bass destiny shit; and we figured getting on board was the right thing to do." - Mishka

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