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Welcome to Detroit

What's the word, yo? I'm procrastinating on packing but in about an hour I'll be leaving for Detroit to handle some bidness. I decided to share a few of my favorite Detroit songs. Check it.

I'm starting off with Miz Korona and Moe Dirdee's song, "Playground" which I featured on Essince.com volume 1 (I'm working on volume 2)

Big Proof! "Gurlz Wit Da Boom". I had the honor of meeting Proof's father the last time I was in Detroit. I was speaking at a music conferenceee/showcase in Proof's honor at the Shelter. That was so dope considering that's where the battles from 8 Mile were held and countless other names who performed at St. Andrew's Hall. R.I.P. Proof.

Fatt Father is ill. Detroit has some of the illest MCs I've ever heard. I'll use Fatt Father's new video to showcase just the tip of the iceberg that is the World Famous Fat Killahz (big up King Gordy).

Fatt Father f/ Monica Blaire - Tomorrow

Ok, I know Bootleg is from Flint but this was my jam so I don't care. R.I.P. MC BREED!!

This obviously isn't even close to what I want to feature but I need to start packing forreal. Let this be your gateway drug to the incredible music that is Detroit's.

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