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Fresco "Breaking Away" MV+Album

I used to talk to Soleternity WAAAAY back in the day. I mean back when mp3.com was the jam and soundclick wasn't even born yet thanks to a little bit of technology I like to call AIM. His beats were ill back in middle school and he actually sent me the masters of a few he didn't have up for free download and I always remembered that. He's one of the few who went on to work with the greats and is to this day one of my favorite producers.

Because of my battle rap nerd-dom I'm familiar with Fresco as well so to hear a track of both of them together was like a dream. Then I watched the video, too which is pretty clean.

Check out this track and after you're done, listen to more of Sol's beats and watch some of Fresco's battles.

Oh, and listen to this album. Soleternity produced the whole thing.

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