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Good Authority [Norway]: Tweed String Pants [M/F]

I first started working with Shyam [Founder/Designer, Good Authority, Bergen, Norway] through another label of his, Vibrant Originators. We were introduced through a mutual friend I met while in Thailand [A Honduran-born, American-raised guy meeting a Norwegian while studying in Thailand...that's where the "global" comes from in "Global Urban Culture" lol].

He's since moved on to creating this new brand, Good Authority and from what I've seen...taken all the lessons learned from VO (which I still rock) and made something incredible.

And these clearly aren't just for the fellas.

Contact info@goodauthority.com for more information or check out the Good Authority Facebook page for more info.

Tell 'em, Essince sent you.

Just for Sh!ts n Giggles, here's a pic of me from like...2007 or so rocking my box fresh Vibrant Originators shirt...

* Essince Fun Fact: I used this pic of me to create the "I" in the Essince logo.

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